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You Can Do Better                    Recurring                         truTV

The Pantheon                             Series Regular               Dir. Dan Fletcher

The Luchador                             Series Regular                Dir. Dan Fletcher

Classholes                                   Series Regular               Dir. Richard Smith

Slick                                                Series Regular               Dir. Richard Smith

Empty Gestures                         Guest star                      Dir. Jeremy Kozeluh

Funny or Die: Boobathon        Co-Star                           Dir. Alex Perry

Failing Upwards                         Co-Star                           Dir. Joe Camareno


Revengeance                                      Lead                      Dir. Maya Morales

Sleep Walking                                      Supporting         Dir. Chen Feng

The Next Mrs. Jacob Anderson      Lead                      Dir. Shannon Norwood

On The Market                                     Supporting         Dir. John Cruz

Things Are Looking Up                      Supporting          Flashlite Prod.

Day After Next                                     Lead                      Deck as Ef Prod.

Jersey Shore Spoof                           Lead                       Dir. Todd Z.

Here We Are                                         Lead                      Dir. Jon Robey

Leading the Way                               Supporting           Dir. Michael Ronito

Read Between The Lines                 Lead                       Deck as Ef Prod.

Jordan Saffron Taste This!             Supporting           7 Ponies Prod.


Finding Your inner Monkey            Lead                        The Second City Chicago

The Snuff Dance                                Lead                       The Second City Chicago


Upright Citizens Brigade           Improv 401

Stan Kirsch Studios                    Scene Study                    DaJuan Johnson

G. Charles Wright                       Scene Study                    G. Charles Wright

John Rosenfeld Studios         Scene Study          Nicole Dalton/ Brian Norris

Bobbie Shaw Chance         Scene Study                      Bobbie Shaw Chance

The Second City Chicago      On Camera Workshop      Matt Miller

The Second City Chicago      Scene Study Program        Michael Pieper

DePaul University  B.A.

SPEACIAL SKILLS: Dance: Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Lyical, Latin dance, Fast Talker, Accents: Midwest/Chicago, Yoga, Rollerblading, Jump Rope, Variuos Sports, Improvisation